Flying with a French state-certified instructor

We fly mainly from the site of Taucho, or Ifonche depending on the weather conditions of the day. Tandem paragliding flight is possible for most people. Just run a few meters. It is not mandatory to have a particular physical condition. If you weigh between 20 and 95 kilos and can run a few steps, then you just have to join us for a great moment of happiness. The duration of the flights varies according to the abundance of the thermals and the type of flight which you will choose. We always take the time necessary to make our passengers feel relaxed.

A multitude of activities

Tenerife offers us thanks to the Teide and his volcanic landscapes, an exceptional climate and the possibility of doing a multitude of sports throughout the year with very regular temperatures around 25 degrees. The multitude of micro climates on the island allows us to make the most of each activity. The northern part of the island and its natural parks are often cloudy and rainy, but can be nice when it is too hot in the south for hiking for example. The landscapes of Tenerife will make you live intense and unforgettable moments. I am a sports instructor for 22 years, I started with the sailing and ski instructor, the ulm pilot certificate then the kite and paragliding. I myself supervise all activities, my main is the tandem paragliding, but also hiking and kite lessons. I supervise the activities in French, English and Spanish. Come and enjoy, in complete safety, our great experience in outdoor activities.

A team at your service

We are a small team, always at your disposal. Anthony takes care of tandem paragliding , kite lessons in el medano. Amandine supervises the hikes as well as the rides in Buggy. Our goal is to make you happy and make you want to discover Ténerife otherwise, off the traditional tourist trails, because Tenerife offers a great diversity of landscapes, the volcano Teide, the massif of the teno with the wonders of masca and the northern part from the island, the Anaga massif.

Flights adapted to your desires

I propose 4 tandem flights of the air to answer the best to your desires. The difference between the flights is the time that we will stay in the air, and the routes. For most flights, we use thermal ascents that allow us to gain altitude to go on a ride. The average times are approximate because we are dependent on the weather. We use several takeoffs depending on the weather conditions and we often use the landing of the caleta, on the beach. We also have other landings. Everyone will be able to choose the flight that suits you, from the discovery flight to the VIP flight. Choose sensations or the discovery flight very relax, it's up to you. See you soon for new adventures in Tenerife with Tenerife Paradise.

A passionate team

Tenerife Paradise welcomes you with its passionate duo ! Anthony and Amandine will make you love paragliding.