Fly away in paragliding !

Come make man’s dream come true, to fly. A unique sensation that will provoke you maximum emotions, while being safe. On the south coast of Tenerife, come and fly to discover Tenerife from the sky. The flight takes place from Taucho or Ifonché, depending on weather conditions. We land,
if conditions allow it, on the beach of la caleta. Several flights are available to you. THE difference between each flight is the duration of the flight, more or less long depending on the weather conditions and the landing place. If the flight you took does not correspond to the chosen flight, the difference will be returned to you.
The payment of flights and photos is done after the flight.

Good flight everyone !

How does a paragliding baptism take place ?

We will meet you at the landing car park at la caleta. We board our bus until take off. Got up there, a little safety briefing and off you go.
Paragliding is an activity open to all if you are able to run ten meters and not weigh more than 100 kg, for safety reasons.

In the air

You will be seated comfortably and will be able to communicate with your instructor, in French, English or Spanish depending on the availability of the pilots.
Photos and videos will be offered to you at an additional cost to keep a unique memory of your flight.

On landing

You just need to get up and use a few meters at low speed. Landing is an easy phase without any difficulty. It is important to tell your instructor if you ever have physical problems preventing you from running.

Come on, we are waiting for you