The good reasons to discover tenerife by electric mountain bike

You want to go on vacation but you don’t know where to go? Tenerife located in the Canary archipelago is an ideal destination. Why ideal? because it offers an incomparable variety and diversity of activities on the same island.

For those who know Tenerife, it is 4 hours from England, sun and spring climate all year round. It has long been a well-known place for retirees in winter, but also for sports enthusiasts. All the best teams in the world come for several months in winter to train in different sports such as swimming, cycling or trail running. The climate for athletes is perfect there because the air is dry, and the temperatures are not too hot and ideal for sports.


Tenerife is well known for its relaxation part with all-inclusive hotels and idleness but much less known for its nature and beautiful discovery part. The forest tracks are numerous and allow you to discover Tenerife in a different way, in a unique and unforgettable way. You never thought of discovering a country by bike but know that the bike is for me the best tool to discover a country, an island, a city. It will allow you to go to places inaccessible by car and will allow you to cover more miles than hiking, which is also one of the best ways to travel.

This allows you to have a unique relationship with nature but above all to take your time and enjoy the landscape. The bike is silent, goes everywhere, you feel the wind on your face but above all you feel free, able to go to the end of the world, with the right mount of course. It also allows you to play sports, to surpass yourself and to meet people.

Arenas negras

For a few years now, there has been the electric bicycle which has provided us with many services. This new tool can be used in many ways depending on your condition and your desires. It can be used by non-athletes to discover the activity as well as by athletes to follow professionals. It has multiple uses and that is what makes it essential today.

Tenerife is a world place for road cycling, with great gradients and high quality roads, but Paradise-tenerife takes you off the beaten track, in all-terrain mode. The seaside, especially in the south of the island are very urbanized, it is therefore in the mountains, in the heights of Tenerife that we take you. The landscapes are unique and varied. It is a volcanic island but the forest and the pines are very present there, offering us high quality forest roads. Very little known, these forest roads allow us to go around the island. You evolve alone, in the forest with often the view of the sea and the other islands, without crossing a car and with only companion, the noise and the smells of nature.

Teide view

These tracks criss-cross all over the island, allowing you to go from north to south, depending on the weather and your program. The electric mountain bike will allow you, with family or friends, to make this trip all together. It will allow you to discover a part of the island in a unique and privileged way.

You can start with half a day (3 or 4 hours) in a well-defined area such as Santiago del teide. The tracks are adaptable according to your desires and the conditions of the moment. Even if the bikes are electrically assisted, this activity is reserved for people with a sporty minimum, because the bike is not everything, it is not a motorcycle. The half-day routes from Santiago del Teide last about 3 hours, taking you from the west to the north of the island, with very varied landscapes with beautiful views of the sea. Stops are possible in the small villages on the road, with small local bars and restaurants, for a total immersion in the local culture.

For the more sporty and those accustomed to cycling, it is possible to do it over several days with nights in a rural cottage. It is a total immersion, which allows if you wish to go around the island, using almost only the forest tracks of the island. In the evening, we recharge the batteries at the cottage and it’s off again the next day for new adventures.

Forrest track

The routes are made according to the desires and objectives of each, but also according to the weather of the moment on the island. They are completely à la carte, modifiable at will. It is possible to organize itineraries in the north as well, towards Puerto de la cruz, very well served by forest roads. Most of the tracks are located in height, at the level of the forests. We also use the small roads, very little frequented to avoid as much as possible to be in contact with the cars.

The small mountain villages are little frequented by cars and allow you to evolve in the middle of nature, with also a local culture unique to the Canary Islands.

Teide view

Tenerife is an extraordinary playground, but so is La Palma, La Goméra and El Hierro. It is also possible to make a combo between the islands according to your desires and the time you have. So do not hesitate, come and discover Tenerife by electric mountain bike. 

We are waiting for you.


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