Our sports program for 1 week in Tenerife !!

It’s time for vacation, but you’re not the type to sit idly by on a deck chair, so off you go to Tenerife, the sporting island. The island of Tenerife is an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts because it offers a multitude of sports choices, even in the middle of winter. The best cycling, Trail and swimming teams go there to train, because Tenerife offers you a spring climate all year round, with beautiful infrastructures, beautiful nature, what a dream.

If Tenerife is so popular, it is not by chance. Whatever your sport, you will be able to practice it, with the sun as a bonus. We are going to deal in this article with a typical program for a sports family who wants to share a good time without it being extreme, for a week of vacation.

1 day: The hike

hiking tenerife punta del hidalgo

There are a large number of hikes on the island, depending on your level and your location on the island. The most beautiful hikes are located in the north of the island, in the park of Anaga. The north of the island is the greenest, wettest and wildest part. The reliefs are numerous and it is a real treat for the eyes.The different trails are very well indicated all over the island and it is very easy to prepare your hike with a specialized book or the different applications available. You can choose your hike, according to your level and your desires. Many small bars and restaurants are always present if you want to ask for a picnic or eat on site. It is always a good time after the hike to have lunch in the small local bars, to immerse yourself with the local population, and to taste the local specialties.

2 day: Diving or Kajak with the dolphins

Tenerife is also a famous place for diving thanks to its clear waters. There are several spots all around the island depending on your desires and your level. Departures are often from las galetas or las américas. For those who don’t wish to scuba dive, you can also go snorkeling, and with a bit of luck, see dolphins. Tenerife is a well-known place for dolphin and whale watching.

It is also possible to leave from the coast by kayak or paddle, to go and observe dolphins and turtles, often from the sailing school of los christianos.

3 day: Road bike or mountain bike

Santiago del teide

The island of Tenerife is a cycling mecca, so don’t be surprised if you are overtaken by the biggest teams in the world. They come every winter to train, because the elevations are significant and the roads of high quality, all around the island. There are several specialized stores where you can rent quality equipment, both road and mountain bikes. The stores are also equipped with electric bikes, allowing the less athletic to follow the best.

Mountain bike trails are also plentiful and allow you to discover Tenerife in a different way. The forest roads are superb and discovering Tenerife by electric bike is truly a superb, unique and magical experience.

You can ride the day, recharge the bikes in the evening at the hotel, discover the restaurants and the local culture, a unique experience offered by www.paradise-tenerife.com

4 day: Water sports

El medano

You are in water sports paradise, the hardest part will be choosing. The most popular are kite surfing, windsurfing and of course surfing. The surf spots are numerous and of quality, all around the island depending on the conditions and your level. There are many stores to rent equipment or take lessons.

For windsurfing and kitesurfing, it’s in El Medano that it’s a village full of life, with a great atmosphere. The wind is very present there throughout the year. Many world teams also come to train in windsurfing and kiteboarding during the winter months. Many stores offer rentals as well as lessons in several languages. El medano is the only natural beach on the island, with a large promenade by the sea. It is the most dynamic place on the island, with a very sporty population.

5 day: Baptism in paragliding

La caleta

We end the week with the least physical activity in order to rest a little after a very sporty week, the paragliding baptism. On the other hand, it is the activity that will fill you with sensations and leave you with memories in your head. The feeling is unique, flying without noise and being able to enjoy the superb landscapes that Tenerife has to offer. There are many flight sites, both in the north and in the south, each offering you different and unique landscapes.

You will of course be accompanied by a qualified tandem instructor.

So don’t hesitate any longer, fly away!!!!


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