Why we love the island of Tenerife so much

Everyone has their preference for holidays, some go to the end of the world, to Tahiti or Bora Bora, some stay in Europe, or even better in France and others stay in their village. There is something for everyone, but there are classic destinations that have remained in the top 3 favorite destinations for many years and we will try to explain why. The covid crisis has consolidated the Canaries in the favorite destinations of Europeans, first because it is Europe but above all it is 4 hours away by flight, often non-stop.

The Canary Islands have been known for thirty years for their spring-like climate all year round, but they remain above all essential islands in the winter months, with its 25 degrees. In this article, we will talk about Tenerife because in our eyes, it brings together the greatest diversity of landscapes.

trek tenerife
Masca view


All the islands each have their own charm, but Tenerife, the most touristic, brings together a great diversity of landscape, activity but also change of weather on the same day. The weather is generally mild on the Canaries, but Tenerife with its El Teide volcano which culminates at 3718 m will generate micro climates everywhere on the island. This is the big highlight of the island, the weather is always nice somewhere, just know where.

The volcano acts as a barrier against the trade winds and cuts the island into two zones: the windward zone and the leeward zone. The windward area of ​​the island, the northern part, is greener because it is much more often subject to rain and clouds. It rains regularly and the temperatures are also cooler. It is a strong point of the island because when it is too hot in the south, you can go to cool off in the north. The southern zone, under the wind of the trade winds is much drier, and therefore, the landscapes less varied. In classic northeast wind conditions, it is cloudy in the north and sunny in the south. But the weather is really very changeable so if you don’t have good weather, don’t hesitate to take your car and drive a few kilometers.

It is a safe bet because even in the middle of winter, you will find temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees on the coast.

The sweet life

Tenerife is a Latin island so of course it’s party time all year round. Life is sweet because the weather is nice all the time, but above all because life is not expensive for us Europeans and therefore it is easier to go to a restaurant or have a coffee on the terrace more easily. The restaurants and bars are open all day and serve non-stop so tourists and locals eat at all hours. There are even restaurants, in service stations, which are open 24 hours a day, it is very practical.

The inhabitants are very welcoming, which makes life pleasant and sweet.

The restaurants are open all day with unmissable typical dishes, such as pulp or squid. In the mountains, where it is often cooler, we often offer typical country dishes, such as Ropa vieja, a local stew, a real delight. Do not hesitate to enter the small local restaurants, also called chiringito, local atmosphere guaranteed, not to be missed.


The island of Tenerife offers a multitude of activities, both on land and in the water. The hardest thing will be to choose. The island also includes several world-renowned amusement parks and animal parks, such as Siam Parc for example. All nature activities are present there, such as hiking or cycling. This is also one of the best ways to visit the island and discover the great diversity that Tenerife can offer you in terms of landscapes. The west and north are the most beautiful places for hiking and mountain biking. They are greener, more humid, with a dominant forest and cliffs of rare beauty.

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Ebike santiago del teide

Many teams come to train in Tenerife in the winter because the climate and the infrastructure are of high quality. The paragliding baptism remains a must to discover Tenerife from the sky. The beaches are very well equipped for lovers of idleness, and the island also has many natural pools, often with superb views. You will always find a small bar nearby, to refresh yourself or have a snack, it is part of the charm of the island.

The hardest thing will be to choose.

tandem paragliding in the south

The local culture

It’s one of the things that disorients you, the music, the food, the typical houses, the traditions. This is why Tenerife is very rich culturally, there are a lot of local festivals, Christian festivals, which are always a good excuse to party, with family, with friends in a good atmosphere, and in safety. There is no insecurity in Tenerife, there are very few problems at parties, never fights, and it is a great feeling to feel safe everywhere on the island.

Canarians are very family-oriented and very often get together on weekends to meet and party around a barbecue, which can last all day. Tenerife is Spain and therefore meal times are completely staggered and meals can last from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., and the evening meal does not arrive until around 10 p.m. The carnival in Tenerife is the 2nd in the world after Rio, but the atmosphere is better there and above all you will be safe there, with friends or family.

The capital Santa cruz offers many covered markets, museums, it is a very culturally rich city, not to be missed during your stay.You will understand, in Tenerife, there is something for everyone, so do not hesitate, go for it. To better enjoy the island, we advise you to rent a car during your stay, which will allow you to be more free and more mobile, according to your desires and your program. The island is also very well served by buses for those who do not wish to rent a car. The roads are of very good quality, for our biker friends, a must on a motorcycle.

So don’t wait any longer, go for it.

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