The 7 most beautiful paragliding spots in the world.

1 – Annecy France

2- Chamonix France

3- Tenerife Costa adeje

4- Dune of Pyla France

5- Dolomites Italy

6- Saint leu Réunion Island

7- Tibau do Sul. Brazil

After many years of traveling the world, I present to you this article which offers you for me the 7 most beautiful spots in the world according to my criteria. There are plenty of others but the spots mentioned in the article are spots that I know well and which make me dream. There are of course many others, just as beautiful.

1 : Annecy (France)

Annecy lake

Known worldwide for its lake, the Col de la Forclaz offers you an exceptional playground. This site is well known for cross country but also for incident flight courses. He is very frequented by primptems in the fall and you will have to make room for take-off. The big take off is west facing facing the lake with an exceptional view of Annecy.

Surprisingly, you can take off from 9 a.m. until sunset. If you everwant to do a cross or siv internship with a very professional team, go to

The takeoff of the Forclaz offers you a bird’s eye view of the Plantait site at 900 m, excellent cross country departure also from 1 p.m. The magic of this site is to offer you cross in all directions, the choice is yours with the conditions of the day. The wind is often weak this which allows you to fly a good part of the year.

2: Chamonix (France)

Welcome to the Mont Blanc massif, a unique landscape. Very popular with pilots around the world whole, the flight with overflight of Mont Blanc. The Chamonix site offers many flight options around Mont Blanc, or an acro session using the Aiguilles du Midi cable car. The flight of the aiguille du midi remains a must, but it is high mountain so do not forget equip accordingly.

To fly to Chamonix, you need to use the ski lifts, unless you are riding walk. The cross-country flight options are multiple and the landscapes on the glaciers and Mont Blanc are unique. It is very important to be well informed about the weather conditions as it is an often windy site, so be careful.

3: Tenerife (Spain)

Welcome to the islands, on the largest of the Canary Islands archipelago. This site is fantastic because it works all year round. The island of Tenerife has several sites all around the island, depending on the wind conditions. So it flies every day of the year, with an average of 25 degrees, paradise.

The main site is Taucho on the south coast. It is the sunniest coast and there are many flight options. The landing is on the beach of la caleta, where a bar awaits you for the debriefing.The flight of Teide at 2200 m remains the must of Tenerife, with a flight of 30 to 45 minutes, landing in the north of the island.

Beautiful landscapes on the northern sites, because they are wilder and greener. It also flies on the other islands of the canaries, in particular la palma, el hierro, fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Do not hesitate to try the experience in paragliding baptism, a must in sensations.

4: Dune of pyla (France)

Located on the west coast of France, it is a soaring paradise. The dune du pyla allows you to play with your paraglider all day long until sunset. This is a must for perfecting both on the ground and on the air. This 100 m high sand dune is unique in the world, offering you a breathtaking view.

You can access it from several places but the easiest will remain to stay in the campsites directly installed on the dune. It is a site for all levels, both beginners and experts, it will allow you to progress whatever your level, a must in your progression as a paraglider pilot. Be careful, many people in the summer, it is best to go there outside the tourist season.

Have a good ride everyone.

5: The dolomites (italy)

These uniquely shaped mountains are a paradise for paragliders. It is a national park and therefore access is limited. We are immersed in these mountains with unique landscapes, limestone mountain, offering us multiple flight options. Takeoffs are accessible with the cable cars but be careful, the aerology is generous and therefore requires a good pilot’s level.

The take-offs are grassy and the landings super big, so no stress. The ceilings often reach 4000 meters. If your pilot level does not allow you to fly low, treat yourself to a paragliding baptism.

It is a UNESCO heritage site, where you can also do many activities. A sure bet for paragliding.

6: Reunion island (France)

Another dream destination, an island with a thousand faces that will surprise you. Located in the west of the island, the main site of Saint Leu is a paragliding paradise. It offers you beautiful carpeted take-offs as well as a landing on the beach. It is a site for all levels, offering you mild conditions for beginners in the morning but also more sustained conditions at midday allowing you to go cross-country on one side or the other of the island depending on the wind. . It is a world-famous site that has hosted several distance and addictive World Cups.

The temperature is 30 degrees all year round, a paradise for the many schools on the island offering baptisms but also beginners, intermediate and internship cross lessons. You can get to take off using the many ffvl shuttles or with your own car. This site works all year round, a real pleasure.

When the wind picks up on the Saint Leu site, all you have to do is move on the island, offering you several other sites, such as speed bumps, or the maido, a marvel. More information on

7: Tibau do sul (brazil)

This is my favorite, it’s a soaring site on the north coast of Brazil, which offers you miles along the coast, in a t-shirt and thong. Located in the Pipa reserve, these dunes offer you a unique playground. You can take off straight from the beach and go for miles of soaring. The little particularity of this favorite site is to land on the beach during the flight to eat a small local dish and then take off again to find another bar for an aperitif.

You can even get dropped off in a taxi several kilometers back to the village of Tibau do sul by flying at sunset. You can also reach the surf beach by flying, a small surf session and return home by paraglider, unique. It’s an unspoiled site with very little traffic, so treat yourself. This site offers you several activities, go to


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