Let’s go flying

In Tenerife it’s blue sky, the sea, diverse landscapes and houses painted with colors. It is also the destination  for paragliding tandem. It is an activity appreciated by tourists in the island. Follow this guide to find out more about Paragliding’s baptism in Tenerife.

Paragliding tandem teide

Paragliding departure and take-off

The best months to experience paragliding in Tenerife are between October and April. Flight conditions are perfect during these months. That said, weather conditions are perfect. You do not need any special experience, only to run a few meters for takeoff and landing.

The departure will be from your hotel in the south of Tenerife. Staying in this tourist part of the island also has many advantages, including mild weather all year round.

The adventure continues with your transport to the take-off area. When you arrived, instructions will be given to ensure comfort and safety before and during take-off. And, whatever your level, Tenerife offers easy landing fields. For the more experienced, there is the possibility to make great cross with differents flights.

 For the adventurous, the takeoff at more than 2200 meters above sea level of Izana promises a real adrenaline rush. The flight takes a little less than 50 minutes and the landing will be around Guimar or Puerto de la Cruz. You can also take off from Ifonche at 1000 meters above sea level is a good compromise. For beginners, a take-off at an altitude of 500 or 800 meters seems more reasonable.

Paragliding flight and landing

During the flight, you will  enjoy the view while the harness offering optimal comfort. The maneuvers will be executed by the instructor and the duration of the flight depends on the wind and thermal ascents.

The harness guarantees a super comfort throughout the activity. For a flight that will be done safely, it is equipped with sliding shoulder straps. This facilitates steering precision. Our models are equipped with back protection and an automatic ventral loop. The anti-forget attachment system enhances passenger safety at every paragliding session in Tenerife. No need to stand during the flight. Let yourself be guided by the altitude and the instructor will do the rest.

The duration of the flight varies depending on the option you are taking. It can range from twenty minutes to one hour. You can also choose a filmed flight for a souvenir of your stay in Tenerife. The landing will always be smooth. The landing point varies depending on the flight site. Ifonche and Guimar are among the places usually chosen after a paragliding flight on the island. The proposed flights will be generally during the day, but it is possible to solicit flights at sunset. The return to the hotel closes a typical day of paragliding baptism on the island. Sensation and impressive discoveries guaranteed on every paragliding flight!

You’ll understand, hovering in the air with paragliding is a great way to spice up your stay in Tenerife. So, do not miss this opportunity to live a unique and sensational experience.