The 5 most beautiful mountain bike routes in Tenerife

Tenerife is a cycling paradise, as much for road biking as for mountain biking, but in this article, we will take you by electric mountain bike, on the most beautiful routes of Tenerife. There are a lot of mountain biking routes in Ténerife, but we will share with you the ones with the most beautiful landscapes. These different routes will be relatively easy, but reserved for regular mountain bikers. It is possible to do these routes without electric assistance, but this necessarily requires a good physical condition because there are often big differences in altitude, up to 1600 m of positive altitude.

These are for me the most beautiful routes because there are varied landscapes, with beautiful views of Mount Teide, the sea and the other islands. The routes are only on authorized land trails or roads with very little traffic. They are often loops, with return to the starting point. We also offer one-way trips, with the need for logistics to pick you up.

The positive point of Tenerife is of course the very good weather, eternal spring, allowing you to cycle, all year round. In these different routes, there are always beautiful passages in the forest, to protect you from the sun on the hottest days. These different routes often take you from one side of the island to the other, so watch out for the weather, which can be very changeable for a few kilometers.

The north side of the island is often cloudier, rainier and cooler so an analysis of the weather is important before each departure to decide on your itinerary. If you don’t have your own bike, there are several quality rental companies such as bike point. The quality of the material is important in particular the power of the battery, to be checked before renting.

Itinerary 1:

Santiago del teide – El tanque (Round trip approx 30 km)

Departure to the typical village of Santiago del Teide, located in the west of the island. This very typical village is the point of departure but also the point of return. You start from the southwest and go to the north of the island, with all the changes in scenery that come with it.

A beautiful climb towards Chinyero, unique volcanic landscapes with beautiful views of the Teno and the island of Goméra. After 20 minutes of ascent with VAE, we set off for a long descent towards El Tanque. The landscapes change from the volcanic rock to the green of the north of the island, with superb landscapes on the Teide. Arrived at El tanque, enjoy a small local bar to eat and go. The views of the village are dazzling across the north of the island.

ebike 2 days tenerife

Return by another road, rather in tar through the small villages of the area. Outings of about 3 hours, with electric bike.

Itinerary 2:

Erjos – the Teno alto (round trip approx 50 km)

Departure from the small village of Erjos, this route begins with a long, pleasant descent into the forest. Then, climb the little-used tarmac road from Teno Alto to the village. Then, progression through the Teno alto, a pure marvel. The views and the colors are breathtaking. Possibility to eat in very typical Canarian restaurants, not to be missed.

tenerife 2 days ebike

Return by the same path. Approximately 4 hours journey.

Itinerary 3 :

Teide – Puerto de la cruz (one way approx 48 km)

vtt tenerife

Departure at altitude for a long descent towards Puerto de la cruz. You need to have logistics to get you to the starting point and the ending point.

The departure is on the road to Teide starting from Chio, at the level of the recreational area of ​​Chio at 1600 m. Long and beautiful trail through volcanic stones. You gradually switch to the north of the island, with the forest well presenting a large part of the road. Arrived by the sea, very close to puerto de la cruz. Consider visiting Puerto de la cruz, a unique town typical of Tenerife.

If you have great physical conditions, you can make the return route in economy mode.

Itinerary 4 :

Guimar – puerto de la cruz (one way approx 45 km)

Departure for the east of the island, in Guimar, at the paraglider take-off at 850 m. You will need logistics for this route. The scenery is breathtaking at the start, with a panoramic view of the entire Guimar and Arafo valley.

Big climb to the Teide observatory with 1600 m of elevation gain. At the top, superb view of the southern part of the island. Then very long descent with changing landscapes all the way down to Puerto de la cruz. Weather is often capricious with wind and clouds so make sure you cover yourself well.

Itinerary 5 :

Teide (las lajas) to la caleta (south zone) One way

Departure from the recreational area of ​​Las lajas, on the Teide road, above Villaflor. Downhill route only, which does not require an electric bike but does require logistics. Long descent through magnificent landscapes, alternating forests and views of the south coast. Arrived on the heights of taucho, superb panoramic view over the entire south coast.

The arrival is on the beach of Caleta where the small darling bar awaits you for the sunset.

These 5 routes are my favorite on the island, but there are plenty more. It is also possible to roam the whole island, sleeping at night in rural hostels, by recharging the bicycle batteries. You will understand, the potential is unlimited here in Tenerife, but also on the island of Palma or El Hierro.

The battery life is very different, depending on the power but above all depending on how you use it. These itineraries are ideas, they must be prepared with maps or current watches with gps, so as not to get lost because there are a lot of paths and crossings that are alike. So, for your safety, prepare for your outing.

We are therefore at your service for tailor-made itineraries.


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