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The holidays are approaching and you wonder what sport is it possible to do in Tenerife? The possibilities are endless, both on land and at sea. Canarian sports facilities are very present, both outside and inside. Outside, there are multiple dedicated areas, adventure course type, with basketball, tennis and beach volleyball courts. These areas are often located on seaside boardwalks.

The Canary Islands, but in particular Tenerife offers you a wide variety of sports, sea or land, the hardest part will be to choose. There is a large and very sporty population in the Canaries, especially in the gym, cycling and ultratrail.

Here are some ideas of the most popular sports in Tenerife

1: The hike

The best hikes are in the north and west of the island. There are several supports, map or book listing the difficulty of the hikes. There are some for all levels and they are very well marked. You can also use the specialized applications with your phone.

It is one of the most popular activities in Tenerife because it is open to everyone and free. The possibilities are endless, all around the island, depending on your level and your physical condition.

2: Running

Also known as jogging, running is possible anywhere on the island. There are many walks by the sea allowing you this activity in complete safety.

3: Ultratrail

hiking tenerife punta del hidalgo

It is one of the island’s specialties with many known champions. The great difference in altitude in Tenerife means that you can train all year round, for all levels.

The exceptional climate of the Canaries offers you a year-round training ground. Many international trails take place in Tenerife or la palma, instead of the global trail.

Many clubs exist, for those who like to run in groups.

4: Road bike

Known for the quality of these roads, Tenerife is an El Dorado for road cycling. The biggest teams in the world come to train here every winter. The big unevenness offers quality training for all levels. There are specialist rental and coaching stores with qualified instructors.

5: Mountain biking

The potential is enormous for mountain biking as there are multiple forest roads that go around the island. The difference in altitude in Tenerife is important so it is important to be well prepared for your exit. It is also possible to make long trails along the sea.

There are also several stores for equipment rental. You can also roam the island by e-bike, a must. For more information on roaming, contact us.

6: Climbing

You can go climbing all year round in Tenerife, there are many equipped routes, from Teide to Arafo. A school is set up year round and offers initiations and supervision at all levels.

It is also possible to canyonning in the west of the island.

 Water sport

The canaries, nicknamed the hawaii of europe, offers you plenty of water activities for all levels.

1: windsurfing and kite

This is in El medano. Large natural bay with steady wind most of the year. It is the only official spot on the island, offering you a safe activity. On the beach there are several windsurfing and kite schools, allowing you to rent equipment and take lessons. Many restaurants and bars on the spot, the best atmosphere on the island. It is a hotspot for world winsurfing which each year hosts a stage of the windsurfing world cup.

The island of fuerteventura is also a great place for kiteboarding, offering you different spots all around the island.

2: Surf

There are a large number of surf spots on the island of Tenerife. Both the north and the south of the island, according to the forecast swell. There are many surfcamps on the island, which take you to spots suitable for the conditions.

There are also many stores that allow you to rent.

3: Kajak and stand up paddle

The coast of Tenerife is also a paradise for kajak and stand up paddle. The odds also offer you beautiful cliffs such as los gigantes or the teno, but also beautiful caves and very pleasant natural pools in kajak. The waters are clear, allowing you to observe the seabed, using a mask and snorkel from the kajak. It can also allow you to observe dolphins and whales, which are very present in the area.

4: Diving

Scuba diving is also quite famous in Tenerife. There are many schools, especially in the southern part of the island. The waters are clear and the water relatively warm allowing you to enjoy the activity all year round.

Aerial activities

1: Paragliding

Tenerife is a magical place for paragliding because you can fly all year round. In winter, Tenerife is the only place in Europe where you can fly in good conditions. Pilots from all over the world and international teams meet there every winter for competitions and testing of the new sails. It is also possible to discover the activity by doing a guided baptism with a team of professionals.

Don’t hesitate, this is an amazing activity.

2: Parasailing

It’s a bit touristy but it’s fun. Hanging behind the boat, about a hundred yards away, sitting in your harness, you admire the view.

3: Helicopter baptism


A single company located in Adeje offers baptisms by helicopter. Several options are available to you. Unique and guaranteed feeling.

You will understand, Tenerife is an island where sport is king. All you have to do is choose according to your tastes and desires. The strong point is the climate. So go for it !!!


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