Why do your tandem paragliding in Ténerife

There are hundreds of places around the world where you can go paragliding, but Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, has something special. Why special, because it is already in Europe and therefore in these times of pandemic covid 19, it avoids going too far. In 4 hours of flight, you have arrived at your destination, you get off the plane, sunglasses on your nose, hair blowing in the wind, and off you go in adventure mode. Everything is simple in Tenerife, car rental at the airport, accommodation, life is sweet and beer is 1 euro, so what are you waiting for?

Tenerife is special because you have the choice between a multitude of activities but the baptism of paragliding will leave you with a memory forever because the sensation of flight is unique. This feeling of flying and touching the clouds is simply extraordinary. The specificity of Tenerife is its diversity since the Teide volcano at 3,718 m offers you protection against the prevailing winds and allows you to fly all year round. The island has several sites, which operate depending on the weather conditions of the day.

You have the choice to fly in the north of the island from the base of Teide at 2200 m or in the south, drier and touristy to land on the beach. All the sites are different but each has its own charm. On many sites, you will take off at altitude, around 1000 m to land on the beach, a must, often with a small bar waiting for you to celebrate.

How does a paragliding baptism go?

You have an appointment with your instructor at the landing, presentation and off you go, on the way in the shuttle to take off. During the ascent, the instructor gives you a little safety briefing to reassure you. The pressure is mounting and that’s it, we have arrived. A few steps to take off, you have plenty of time to observe the landscape which is often breathtaking. The view from above is always magical and you already take full eyes.The instructor equips you with your harness, the seat in which you will be seated during the flight and gives you the latest safety instructions. 1, 2, 3, and you’re gone, a few steps and you’re in the air.

The feeling is then magical, we often cry, we are happy, we feel free. We do not feel at all the feeling of vertigo so for those who hesitate, go for it. During the entire flight, you are well seated and can enjoy the view. To gain altitude, the instructor will make you turn and you will fill up with sensations. There are several types of flight that can vary in duration, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you according to your desires. If the conditions allow it, the instructor will make you pilot the paraglider for a maximum of sensations and memories.

Remember to cover yourself with a small jacket because even with 25 degrees at the bottom, the top, it can be cool. That’s it, the flight is over and it’s time to land. For the landing, the instructor asks you to get up and you touch the ground gently, like a butterfly. What, is it already over?

The only risk in paragliding is wanting to start over.

Once you land, you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of Tenerife with a bar on the beach, often with a group playing live music, the must. All you have to do is drink your mojito while enjoying the sunset. The hardest part will be to start again.The paragliding activity is an aerial activity which means it is subject to the weather conditions of the day. The worst enemy of paragliding is the wind so don’t be disappointed if your instructor cancels your flight, it’s always for the sake of safety.

Tenerife offers a multitude of activities so if the paragliding is ever canceled, go kiteboarding or see the dolphins.

Have a good vacation and have a good flight.


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