Why you will like to do buggy in Tenerife…

Who has never dreamed of wandering in the wind and sunglasses in a buggy? Tenerife offers you an explosive cocktail of sunshine, beautiful roads and adrenaline. The must to enjoy a wonderful buggy outing to discover part of the south coast of the island.

We tell you our experience, we feasted well, we came back full of dust but the smile on the lips.

The buggy ride is adventure, unforeseen, breakdowns and lots of fun. Great atmosphere, trilingual guide, change of scenery.

buggy off road


The buggy is a great way to discover breathtaking landscapes on the southern part of the island of Tenerife. You will combine pleasure and thrills throughout your excursion on roads and off the beaten track. From Puerto Colon to Puertito via the famous beach of Abama, come and live this incredible experience as a couple, with your family or with friends.

 Transfer from your hotel to the buggy site: a driver will come looking for you at a specific time in front of your hotel and will take you to the hangar where the buggies are stored.

On the spot: Once arrived at the scene, you will be welcomed by the buggy team. You will complete a vehicle rental agreement; it is therefore important to have your driving license in your possession.

TO KNOW: Passengers must be over 12 years old or at least 1m20 tall.

Briefing: The guide will give you some information on how the buggy works. These are 550CC automatic buggies, fully insured and serviced daily.

Safety goggles will be available for free, but remember to bring a bandana to protect you from dust and wind. Closed shoes are strongly recommended.

balade buggy off road

Departure from the site: You will leave for 3h excursion in the south of the island. A varied route through the tourist town of Puerto Colon to the village of La Caleta, through the mythical off road of Tierra del Fuego.

A first break will be offered in the charming fishing village of El Puertito to take a refreshing and then you will take the coastal road through banana plantations, tourist sites and off road. A second and last break you will propose on one of the most beautiful sites of the island: Abama Beach, a 360 ° C on the island of Gomera, the Teide but also one of the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife .

You will return home on safe and safe routes to the starting site.

The proposed circuit breaks down 70% of road ride and 30% of any terrain, which is nice because the all terrain is very dusty and filled with hump so we are happy but it takes no more.

On your return to the base, photos and videos will be proposed on usb key or wetransfer. A great way to keep your memories in picture.

Return to your place of stay: Once arrived at the base of the buggies, the driver will take you back to your hotel, you will have spent a beautiful day and return full of beautiful memories in the head.


Two excursions are proposed during the day:

First departure at 10:00 return at 13:00

Second start at 14:00 return at 17:00

Closed on Wednesdays.

You now have all the information you need to book and have a great time on your vacation. Let yourself be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes. ENJOY!


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