The best paragliding spot in Tenerife

The best paragliding spot in Tenerife

Tenerife is an island where it flies all year, but the best months remain from  October to the end of April. The weather is getting a little crazy all over the world but in Tenerife, we fly very often because there are a lot of sites all around the island. The hardest thing is to choose where to go, because the island is small, but you can drive a lot of miles.

The idea of ​​this article is to help you choose your site knowing that there are other takeoffs on the island. He will talk about thermal sites or there is the possibility to walk and cross a little. There is no soaring site.

The most reliable: Taucho

taucho take off

It is the best spot of the island, it flies downwind of the alizé wind in the northeast, but also with other orientations from the moment when the wind is not strong. This site tolerates the crosswind right or left, but most often the wind comes from the left, it is rarely in front.

It flies in the morning because the barrancos are well exposed and it has the advantage of flying all day with beautiful flights from evening until sunset. This is his great strength, it is really exploitable all day.

Depending on the conditions of the day, you can go in cross, right to Tejina and Tamaimo or left to Ifonche leaving the door open to Jama towards the south.

This is the biggest potential cross of the island, leaving you the option to switch to the north or south if the wind is weak throughout the island, which is rarely the case.

At the landings, there are some everywhere on the coast, but it will still be precise because they are often surrounded by power lines, cacti or stones.

Ifonché: Very nice view and fly

takeoff ifonché paragliding

The climb is a bit long but it’s worth it, we are in nature and it’s good; we breathe and the view is breathtaking. The decor is in the ground, it is exposed southwest, west, the wings take a little dust but it is worth it. We take off at 1000 meters between the barrancos and the recovery of the thermals is much simpler than in Taucho. It is a simpler site if conditions are good with a takeoff offering a majestic view.

If the wind is not good to take off at Ifonché, which happens quite often, there is another take off behind but it is a takeoff that requires a good analysis before wanting to take off. This is not an official takeoff is, and therefore at risk. Basically, we are not allowed to make the mistake.

You can flight to Ifonché in the morning, you have to slide behind the mountain called “the 3 fingers” and then go to the sunny side. So it is normally an evening spot but surprisingly it works as well from 11h / 12h.

It’s a truly magical flight, you can easily fly in direction to Jama or Conde, or head towards Taucho. It’s a pleasure to fly in the area. For the landings, there is one down at Fanabe and the other at the beach of Caleta. Most of the time you come up to the beach from Ifonche.

tandem paragliding tenerife

Guimar: The most beautiful take off on the island

The most beautiful take off because it is the only takeoff that was done with a carpet, it is quite new but it is a real pleasure. The takeoff is located in the east of the island and is therefore exposed east. It is more a morning takeoff, until 14h approximately, because after there is the chances that the wind is in the wrong direction. But again, the weather is always surprising and we can have surprises with the wind in the evening. It’s the magic of paragliding.

You have to be careful in Guimar because there are power lines everywhere, so we must identify the landings before in case we do not arrive at the official beach.

The flight is very nice with a beautiful view of the valley guimar and Arafo. The walls are vertical so we quickly thermodynamics along the cliffs. You can also walk but it requires more level because after landings are more rare. So the cross at Guimar will depend on your level and your glider. Because if you have cravings for cross, transitions are long and you’re never really high in Tenerife, so in summary, we often take the thermal.

A little local council, keep some margin. The nearby sea gives us a good indication of the wind conditions and its evolution. Always keep the margin because the landings on the road are not welcoming.

El tanque:

paragliding tenerife north

We pass on the north side of the island. No more big tourist complexes, welcome to the real Tenerife: typical colorful villages, more green and humid landscapes and little fresh air. In other words, beauty in the eyes. Wetter means more cloudy and cooler. The ceilings are often lower and you have to be careful not to get caught in the clouds. The takeoff is behind the mirador del tanque which is also a restaurant, it’s a little technical takeoff that can not accommodate too much sail. The view is exceptional, all over the northern part of the island.

The takeoff is above beautiful barrancos and just after takeoff, depending on the conditions, it is easy enough to stay in the air. You can walk right and left, but be careful because the landing is far left, it is important to keep the margin to get there. It is easily recognizable with its large whale by the sea. The landing is quite large, which is quite rare in Tenerife.

The possibility of cross is low and requires a good level because there is no or very low landing from the right, so be careful.

The site is flying with north wind,  the sea is ahead and therefore the wind is visible.

Beautiful site  when the wind is too strong in the south.


izana take off paragliding

It is the most beautiful because the highest and therefore, it offers a top view over the northern part of the island and the Teide, it is located at 2200 m. It is therefore exposed to the wind, it is important to check the weather because the wind is often present.

There are several takeoffs, one going on puerto de la cruz and another on Guimar. Well learn about the wind at all altitude so as not to be trapped when arriving down.

On takeoff, we are very often above the sea of ​​clouds, which gives us a truly exceptional view. The cloud sea often forms from 10 am and bursts before sunset.

Be very careful not to get caught in the clouds. It is essential to fly with a GPS and a compass.

It’s a long splash of 40 minutes, if you’re lucky with the weather, you can do soaring up or have the pleasure of thermal to make your flight last.

The landing will be done on the beach or martinez or the large parking lot of the lighthouse. For obvious reasons of safety, it is important to learn about wind forecasts.

There are still many other takeoffs on the island, arafo, jama, los gigantes, the corona but we had to choose well. What is certain is that it still flies somewhere in Tenerife.

It is always good to seek the advice of locals or to take a guide that will take you to the right place at the right time, it will save you valuable time.

Good flight to all and do not forget, keep some margin.


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