Learn kitesurf in Tenerife

Why learn kitesurf with a instructor?

Kitesurfing is a water sport that has existed since 2001, and since then, there has been a lot of evolution, in pedagogy first, but especially in the material. Learning kite alone or with a friend is not a good idea because kiting is a magic sport but also risky. The security rules are very important and they can not be improvised, which is why it is essential for me to take minimum 8 hours of lessons at the beginning of the activity to start the activity safely and start with good bases.

The main risks of kiting are on the beach before and after getting out of the water. Because once in the water, there is little risk because we are in the water. The most delicate part is at the take off and the landing, depending on the wind conditions and also the space available for the equipment.

Since the beginning of the kite, there are many safety rules that have been established for the safety of everyone around the world. Priority rules have also been defined.

The monitor will be there to explain how to mount the kite, the unwinding of lines and the use of the safety bar and drop.

private course El medano

The equipment has also evolve, kites fly better than before, and especially are stronger, which allows them to have a longer life.

The instructor, in the first hours you will drive the kite on the beach, to first understand the wind, direction, intensity and then you will drive the kite to give you the first sensations. This is the first step of the kite course no matter where you learn.

After the session on the sand, the monitor will send you into the water to reproduce the same exercises and give you the first sensations in the water, this step is the bodydrag. The bodydrag sessions can last a few hours as this is a crucial stage of learning. A good theoretical understanding of the flight window and a practical application greatly facilitates the progression on the board. It is very important not to grill the steps, for a better progression.

There are now waterproof radios allowing the instructor to keep in touch with the student when he is in the water, allowing a faster progression. It is an educational method that is not used everywhere because the student is remote control, and once the monitor left, it is a little lost.

Your progress will depend on you but also the experience of the monitor. Everyone does not have the same feeling with water and the elements.

The first hours supervised by an instructor will save you precious time, but above all you will be able to leave on a good basis with the right gestures. After about 8 hours depending on the progress of each, you can if you wish continue alone until the autonomy.

Paradise Tenerife offers a pedagogy adapted to the spot of el médano, but especially an individual progression in particular lesson, for a better progression with Iko international instructor.

Paradise Tenerife also offers paragliding baptisms, hiking, trips on electric bikes over several days to discover Tenerife otherwise.

Our passionate team is waiting for you for unique moments in Tenerife.

See you soon for a new adventure.


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