Or go on vacation during the covid 19 pandemic

While the health crisis lasts, we all dream of vacations. But is it really possible to leave in the midst of a global pandemic and if so, where? You want to go on vacation but the restrictions are getting longer and you wonder if it’s reasonable. We tell you it is possible and here is our guide to good travel plans with the fewest possible restrictions, that is to say without quarantine to enjoy every day of your vacation.

It is true that the choice is very limited, but we have found you the little corner of paradise not far from France, very close to Europe, the Canary Islands archipelago. The epidemic on the islands is under control, and therefore allows you to leave with some safety.

The Canary Islands is part of Europe, since they are Spanish islands, which lie opposite Morocco. Our choice fell on the canaries because it is less than 4 hours by plane, often possible non-stop. You can also get there by car or motorhome by taking the ferry in southern Spain. This is an attractive option because you can return home at any time, even when the air traffic stops.

Only one PCR test at the entrance, and then it’s the real vacation, with restaurant, open bar, all with 25 degrees, heaven in January 2021. We have chosen to show you the Canary Islands archipelago, because it is close to France but because the sanitary facilities are of high quality and allow you, in the event of a problem, good medical care. Tenerife has many state-of-the-art hospitals and private clinics.

It is important to have your European health card with you in the event of a problem.

Which island to choose? this is the real question

It all depends on what you like, calm, nature, solitude. All the islands have their own charm and each has its strengths.


Summit of Teide

It is the most populous of the archipelago but the most varied in terms of landscape. The north side of the island is very mountainous, green and wild. The south coast is much drier and more touristy. The good thing about Tenerife is the choice of activities available to you. If you like sport, you will be served, from cycling, kajak, quad, buggy, sailboat, diving, kitesurfing and windsurfing through paragliding baptisms.

Nature lovers will be delighted on the north side of the island, offering you spectacular hikes, and shopping enthusiasts will be happy in the south. There is something for every taste.

 There are not many beaches in Tenerife, but the island has many natural pools. The roads are very pleasant, both by car and by motorbike. It is possible to change island by plane or boat, for around a hundred euros.

The gomera

hiking tenerife north

Only 1 hour by boat from Tenerife, you are in the wildest of the islands. La goméra is a hikers’ paradise, offering you a multitude of very well indicated GRs. The island is very green and has many typical small villages. The island has many small, very wild, uncrowded beaches. The forest is very present on the island, offering you unique and varied landscapes. The weather is very changeable from one side of the island to the other so do not hesitate to move if the weather is a bit temperamental. A true paradise for bicycle lovers and camper van lovers.

La palma

Nicknamed La Isla Bonita, La Palma Island is a real gem. It is very green and the landscapes are very varied. Very mountainous, it will be perfect for lovers of hiking and adventure. It is an El Dorado for hikers, known worldwide for these international trail races. The hikes, very varied, are very well indicated, as much for the pros as for the beginners.

There are several beaches on the island, but La Palma is very well equipped with a natural swimming pool, the real charm of the Canaries.The roads are very winding, ideal for lovers of motorcycle rides. The summit of Roque del Muchacho, at 2000 m is a real pearl offering you an exceptional view over the whole island.

El hierro

It is the most ecological of the Canary Islands, and the least populated. It is also smaller, ideal for lovers of nature and peace. The landscapes are volcanic and unique. Coastal amenities are plentiful, allowing you to enjoy beautiful seaside walks. There is less activity compared to other islands, but the island has a good reputation for diving, paragliding and cycling.

The island has been at the forefront of ecology and the environment for many years. There are no beaches, only natural pools and charcos, translate to natural water holes formed in the rock.


Here you are in the turquoise waters of the Canaries. Long fine sand beach for several kilometers, the dream. If you like the beach and the wind, then fuerteventura, as its name suggests, is the place to come. The landscapes are really unique and radically change us from other islands. Not very mountainous, it offers you great expanse in Western mode, with many dirt tracks and volcanic rock. It is an ideal island for lovers of water sports, kite, winsurf but above all surf. There are many surfcamps on the island, all inclusive.

The preferred mode of travel will remain 4 * 4. Lunar landscape, unique.


Instead of surfing in Europe, Lanzarote is a haven of peace. Very beautiful all-white villages follow one another on both sides of the island. The island is known for its wine, but also for its great wild beaches. Ideal for disconnecting and refueling.

Gran canaria

It is the least known, touristically. Gran Canaria presents beautiful landscapes, especially in the mountains. You will find many picnic areas with barbecue in the mountains, the seaside not offering any major advantages, few beaches and quite industrialized. The only peculiarity are the dunes of maspalomas, which are worth a detour. 


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