The different paragliding spot in the Canaries.

The different paragliding spots in the Canaries.

The Canaries are a real paradise for free flight, especially in winter because it is the only place in Europe where it flies very well in thermal conditions. The temperatures are good, around 25 degrees and the water at 19 or 20, which allows you to have a good swim after your flight.

Paragliding tenerife

You can fly on all the islands, but this article will deal with the best flight sites. We will talk about sites with good quality takeoffs allowing beautiful safe flights.


This is the island where we fly the most, it has many sites, all very different, which allow you to fly throughout the year. The wind regime is northeast, allowing to fly in the south of the island, downwind of the trade wind.

Izana tenerife

The most regular site is Taucho, it faces south east, which allows you to fly from 10:30 am until evening. This site is impressive because it works all the time. It gives you cross access to other sites like ifonché or jama.
The south coast also offers you the ifonché site, surrounded by nature, a real pleasure.

In case of wind in the southern zone, we take the car and we switch to the western part on the site of the Tanque, behind the Molino restaurant. This site flies in weak north or north is weak. Technical takeoff but very beautiful flight in thermodynamics, very beautiful view on the north of Tenerife. The landing is by the sea. This flight is superb and easy, possible for all, even for small levels.

Taucho take off

You can also go to the east coast, to the site of Fasnia or Guimar, or even to the site of Izana, the highest of the island at 2200 m. Magnificent splash of more than 2000 m of elevation with landing on the beach of puerto de la cruz. Lots of typical bars and restaurants to end the day.

There are still sites in the north, las terrezitas, punta del hidalgo, the problem is to choose well.
It is not always easy to choose your site in tenerife because there are many.
If you wish, there are guides, who take you to the right site with the conditions of the day, very practical, you will save time.
Remember that guides are not instructors, so it is important to have a good level, to be able to fly safely.
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La caleta tandem paragiding

La palma

It also flies very well on this island, much less crowded than in Tenerife. We also fly there in the north east wind, on the puerto naos site, landing on the beach.

la palma paragliding

This is a South West site, which means that it flies from 1 or 2 p.m.
There are two sites, a first just above the landing, which works in soaring and thermodynamics, and which allows you to go out in thermal or stay in soaring along the slope.
It’s a private site, so it’s very important to ask the school’s permission.

There is another site higher up, 4 * 4 shuttle with the school. Very nice flight with a good elevation. There is the possibility of making a very beautiful flight in the palma, but beware, there is very little landing so be careful.
The landing is on the beach, it is large and quite easy.

Puerto naos paragliding

It also flies well in the north, towards Barlovento, a site with less elevation.
It is essential to ask the opinion of the locals, because the wind is often present and changing. They are very friendly so do not hesitate.

El hierro

It mainly flies on the frontera, still downwind but beware the playing field is much smaller and the wind can be very strong.

It is a renowned site for acrobats in winter, but it is a technical site, which requires a very good level.

There are several takeoffs, at several altitudes because takeoffs are often taken in the cloud sea. It is important to fly with a compass or gps because the conditions are very changeable.

take off el hierro

The highest, los dos hermanas is spectacular, the landing has been enlarged and it is the same for all, no matter where you took off.

There is little landing so be careful not to go too far.
It is important for safety to ask the opinion of the premises, because the conditions are very specific and change very quickly.

Lanzarote, fuerteventura and gran canaria

famara lanzarote

These three islands are much more windy and are not protected by high peaks, which means that it flies but much less often and with less elevation differences. It flies when the weather wind is weak, either in soaring or in thermodynamics.

flight fuerteventura

In Lanzarote, the main site is Famara, a large cliff by the sea. You can take off from low enough to go up in soaring and take a walk afterwards. There is also a very good thermodynamic efficiency which makes it possible to make a very nice little cross. There are landings everywhere, so no stress.
These two islands are also ideal for the delta, because the wind is stronger, they can offer a beautiful day of flight.

In fuerteventura, there are many cliffs by the sea which allows, when the wind is well oriented, to make beautiful soaring sessions everywhere.

In Gran Canaria, we fly to the site of Los Giles, by the sea, near the capital. Flies by the sea, soaring and thermodynamics on the program, landing on the beach.

paragliding fuerteventura

For people who wish to do a paragliding baptism, it is possible at la palma, gran canaria, el hierro and in Tenerife of course, with Paradise tenerife.

Happy holidays and good flight.


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